Water cooling units air condensation units

Advanced cooling solutions for the chemical industry, food chains and hotels
M.K.M Engineering Ltd. company introduces a series of water cooling units air condensation CHDX developed and designed by the company engineers and compatible to local climate: from desert climate with extreme temperatures day and night times to local dust storms. Basic models are based on the nominal output CHDX HC cooling systems of 8, 10, 15 and 20 tons of cooling, which can be operated as individual units or combined multiple models - output of up to 80 tons of cooling. For greater outputs, M.K.M offering CHDX CH series, which provides output range between 180-90 tons of cooling. All system components are at the highest level, including "Scrol" compressors series CHDX CN and "Screw" compressors series CHDX CH, electronic expansion valve, and an option to match any existing system, or according to customer requirements. All units in the series passing strict quality control tests that meet the stringent standards under the supervision of the Israel Standards Institute (ISO 9001), and are produced through the use of eco coolants which do not emit gases that harm the environment.
For further information about the products can be viewed on the technical specifications. Or contact the engineering department on the phone: 08-6271512